Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cats and Parrot playing with box Part 1

Funny Cats and parrot play together exploring an upside down box.

Funny Dog Pictures | 20 Pics Like Funny Dachshund Dog

Funny Cute Dachshund Dog
funny dogs

Funny Dog Pictures | 22 Pics Like Dog With No Fur

Funny Dog With No Fur
funny dogs

Funny Dogs | 21 Pics Like OB1 Kenobi Dog

Funny Dog Looks Like OB1 Kenobi.
funny dogs

Funny Dogs In Costumes | 21 Pics Like Batman Dog

funny dog wearing batman mask
funny dogs

Funny Dog Pictures | 20 Pics Like Dog Wearing Flying Hat

Funny dog pictures of dog wearing flying hat
Funny dog pictures 

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Funny Cats | Compilation Video Of Funny Crazy Cats

Funny cats compilation with funny cats doing funny things in this HD video.

Funny Animal gifs Of A Slapping Dog

Funny Animal Gif Of Dog Slapping Man
Animal gifs of a slapping dog. This animal gifs last for about 6 seconds and in full colour.

Funny Animals making funny sounds and noises

Funny animals compilation video of funny animals making funny sounds and noises.

Funny Dogs really hate bath time - compilation 2

Funny Dogs really hate bath time, and this compilation video show how these funny dogs really hate bathing.

Funny Animal Videos Of Swearing Umbrella Cockatoo

The ultimate funny animal videos of swearing Umbrella Cockatoo.  This Cockatoo really does not hold back and keeps on swearing.

Funny Animal Videos Of Hamlet the Mini Pig

Funny animal videos of Hamlet the mini pig just about manages to go down the stairs. This funny animal videos last for about 1 minute and 16 seconds.

Funny Animal Videos Of Crow Feeding Cat & Dog

Funny animal videos of Mr crow totally confused. This funny animal videos is showing a crow feeding a cat and do, as if it where her own.

Funny Animal Videos Of Owl Cooling Off By Fan

Funny animal videos of this rather adorable owl. This funny animal videos showing an owl who didn't let soaring temperatures get him down, after finding a cool spot next to an electric fan.